VIDEO: The Dangers of Irresponsible Immigration Enforcement

What would you do if you were mistaken for an illegal immigrant and then incarcerated for it? Does this situation even seem possible?

It happened to Leonard Parrish in Houston, Texas. What started out as a short trip to the local jail to pay for a bad check, ended up in Parrish's being fingerprinted, strip-searched, and incarcerated.

These are the types of problems that result from local police officials trying to act as immigration agents. Innocent people become the victims of illegal strip searches and are put behind bars.

Although Parrish was born in Brooklyn, New York he was told he had a foreign accent. When Parrish showed his state issued ID and social security number to the deputy, the deputy simply replied, "You know how many phony numbers and IDs we get through here?"

Is this the type of enforcement restrictionists want?

For more details on Mr. Parrish's experience with immigration enforcement, click here.

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