Univisión: Odio a Muerte

On June 24 20009, Univisión aired a special called "Odio a Muerte" (From Hate to Death). It was a broadcast to bring attention to the many hate crimes that have occurred in the United States. The special focused on anti-immigrant sentiment in order to explain where anti-immigrant violence stems from. (Para más información en español, visite esta página de Univisión)

Univisión highlighted the case of Luis Ramirez, a Latino male living in Shenadoah, Pennsylvannia who was brutally beaten to death by white high school students.

Latinos and immigrants live with the fear of being attacked every day. There have been numerous hate crimes that have been reported by the FBI this past year, about 8, 000 in total, 600 of those being Latino victims.

Such crimes must be given greater attention by local police departments and the United States government, so that these extreme violations of civil matters may be combated.

What would you do if you witnessed a hate crime before your eyes? Would you help? Would you intervene for another individual?

Or, would you simply ignore it and walk away?

Univision conducted a scientific study in order to see whether community members would come to the rescue of a hate crimes victim. From this experiment, they found that many individuals were reluctant to physically get involved. However, many were willing to report the incident to the police.

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