The Minutemen - VIDEO

“The Minutemen” is a term used to refer to a loosely affiliated network of organizations that engage in vigilantism against immigrants and Latinos.1 Minutemen groups are known to have public events on the U.S.-Mexico border,  including "fence building" and "surveillance," with some members carrying firearms.2

Minutemen groups often hold protests at day labor sites and harass workers and their supporters. Below are three videos from the California Rural Legal Assistance Foundation’s (CRLAF) Border Project, which monitors day labor sites throughout Southern California. The descriptions are also provided by CRLAF.

The San Diego Minutemen and their supporters stage a loud, invective-filled protest in front of St. Peter's Catholic Church in Fallbrook, CA, disturbing a First Communion Mass. Members of the SDMM erect an effigy of "Father Satan" near the front of the church, where the young Latino communicants and their families gather.

Jeff Schwilk, leader of the San Diego Minutemen, aims his car at an activist standing on a narrow curb in a near-empty parking lot and later harasses her on foot.

Jeff Scwhilk, leader of the San Diego Minutemen, first aims his car at a female videographer who is filming him from the shoulder of the road. He then aims his car at a second activist. Sheriff's deputies issue him a ticket.

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