AUDIO: Michael Savage Smears Muslim Immigrants

From Media Matters for America:
CALLER: I mean, yeah, we talk about illegal aliens, but we tend to forget the garbage that comes in here legally. Like, I just moved to D.C., and all these Muslim fundamentalists, I mean, they walk around Northern Virginia as if they own the place.

SAVAGE: All right, well, they do own the place -- they spit on Americans. They look at you with hatred if you're not wearing 14th- to 15th-century garb, and they spit on the ground. Now the question is why Bush is bringing in so many of them -- isn't that the question?

CALLER: Absolutely. Absolutely.

SAVAGE: You'll have to ask the genius himself. Why would a nation that is as evolved as America, and as liberal as America is socially, want to bring in throwbacks who are living in the 15th century? Now you have to ask yourself, what's the benefit? What is the societal benefit of bringing in throwbacks, some of whom are no doubt terrorists, and some of whom are gonna produce children who will become terrorists? Why would you want to bring them into the country? Isn't that common sense, a commonsensical question? Well go ask George Bush -- he may have an answer for it.

CALLER: I doubt --

SAVAGE: I don't have an -- don't you understand? I'm gonna give you the shrug now -- the shoulders go up -- I go, uh, what do I know? How do I have an answer for George Bush's genius? I know that many Republicans think he has a plan for everything and in the end he's gonna show the genius that he really is. Thanks. We need more Muslims. I think we should have more throwbacks brought in with burkas and things of that nature who refuse to adapt to America or do as Americans do. We need more of them in every community, as many as we can get, particularly young, disenfranchised males. That's what we -- really, really need right now.
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