MALDEF Announces Positions on 2010 Ballot Measures

May 24, 2010

LOS ANGELES, CA – Today, MALDEF announced position endorsements on three ballot propositions appearing on California's statewide primary election ballot scheduled for June 8, 2010:

California Proposition 16: NO

This initiative would impose a two-thirds voter approval requirement on localities that seek to make certain changes in the provision of electricity to their community.

Super-majority requirements in voter elections present a nearly-insurmountable barrier, effectively freezing the status quo and preventing local elected leaders from deciding critical policy matters. A statewide requirement of a super-majority in local elections also acts to thwart the will of local electors. Proposition 16 serves only the interests of those who want to preserve the current state of electricity provision forever. MALDEF urges a "No" vote on Proposition 16.

California Proposition 17: NO

This initiative would permit auto insurance companies to base their rates in part on a driver's history of insurance coverage.

By changing the law to permit auto insurance rates to be based in part on a driver's history of maintaining insurance, this initiative would harm the poor, immigrants, and anyone who faces a period of financial instability. MALDEF urges a "No" vote on Proposition 17.

LAUSD Measure E: YES

This local measure would create revenue for the Los Angeles Unified School District by imposing a temporary $100 per year parcel tax on property within the district.

The economic downturn has severely affected the provision of public education nationwide. Without changes to address some of the lost revenues, education will face even more severe cuts, with a significant effect on the achievement of students in public schools. Public schools must improve to ensure that our economy has the skilled and educated workers that it needs in the future. MALDEF urges a "Yes" vote on Measure E.

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