Parents In Action

After parents graduate from our 12-week program, they are invited to participate as members of the MALDEF PSP Alumni Network to continue to develop their leadership skills, to practice their advocacy skills, and to increase their knowledge on education-related K-12 and higher education topics.

If you are interested in joining and learning more about current and upcoming alumni activities, and how to be an active member in the program, please contact the PSP Program Assistant at (213) 629 – 2512 or download our quarterly newsletter here [INCLUDE LINK] to view information about activities and opportunities.

Alumni Activities

Advocacy Fieldtrips to State Capitols and Washington, D.C.
MALDEF's PSP Team and Legislative Staff Attorneys work together to coordinate legislative visits for PSP parents to the nation's capitol and state capitols in Sacramento, California, Springfield, Illinois, and Atlanta, Georgia, to advocate for the educational needs of students in their communities. Parents share with their elected officials personal accounts of how laws, pending legislation, or budget cuts will affect them.

Advocacy Action at the Local Level
PSP-parent projects provide an opportunity for parents to advocate at their schools and before their school district’s board of education. Some projects to improve educational services include:

  • The creation of Support Student Success by requesting academic intervention programs for students, classes for parents to support learning at home, and school program improvements.
  • The promotion of Student Safety and Security that address issues of transportation and safe student drop-off zones, crime in school, and bullying.
  • The improvement of Communication and Relationship Building such as: increasing access to translation and interpretation services, improving a school’s welcoming environment, improving communication with the school principal, and increasing awareness of school and community resources.
  • The promotion of Student Health and Well-Being such as: improving school nutrition, increasing opportunities to exercise, and improving school cleanliness and appearance.
  • Participation in Governance, influence, and Decision-Making by: increasing Latino parent representation in school committees and boards and starting independent parent organizations.

Networking and Parent Reunions
The PSP program hosts reunions for parent graduates of PSP to provide an opportunity to network with other parent leaders, discuss parent projects, share success stories, and resources in the community.

Additional Workshops and Educational Forums
The PSP program provides special workshops on issues affecting our communities such as access to preschool, in-state tuition, and understanding changes in immigration.

Family Educational Activities

Fieldtrips to Universities & College Conferences
PSP participants and alumni are invited to fieldtrips to local universities to increase college-access awareness and support their children’s college aspirations.

Nutrition Workshop and Food Sampling Sessions hosted by Sodexo
In an effort to address health disparities that affecting the Latino community by promoting healthy habits that can increase the quality of life. MALDEF PSP works to ensure more children enjoy good health as a strategy to improve educational outcomes, as healthier students are more likely to remain in school, and therefore more likely to succeed in life.
MALDEF and Sodexo have partnered to provide educational cooking workshops in Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, and soon in San Antonio, on the importance of eating a healthy breakfast, having a balanced diet, and learning to read nutrition labels. In addition to the lecture, the workshop also includes a healthy food-tasting where chefs from Sodexo cook easy-to-prepare traditional Latino dishes with healthier ingredients, resulting in breakfast, lunch and dinner meals that are nutritious, low in fat, and still very tasty.

Fieldtrips to Museums
Given budget cuts and elimination of summer programs, MALDEF PSP offers fieldtrips to local museums to provide educational opportunities for students and their parents where they are able to learn about history and culture.

Parent Organization Network

The Parent Organization Network (PON) is a joint project of MALDEF and the Asian Pacific American Legal Center (APALC). PON is a multicultural collaborative of 16 independent parent organizations in Los Angeles County, focused on strengthening parent engagement and advocacy at schools in low to moderate-income communities of color.

PON Parent Engagement Standards:

The mission of the Parent Organization Network (PON) is to connect, empower, and mobilize parents and parent organizations across the greater Los Angeles area to transform the public education system to ensure a high quality education for all students.

2012-2013 Learning Series Events:
Event 1: On September 29 2012, the PON network hosted Understanding Hot Educational Issues: Protecting our Children’s Future through Civic Engagement, to increase civic engagement among minority parents. The event provided valuable information about California’s current education budget and upcoming ballot initiatives, highlighting the potential effect on education in Los Angeles. Parents were recruited to participate in organized advocacy efforts to advance the parent-agenda for education policy.

Event 2: "Strengthening Leadership and Organizational Capacity" -- Date: January/February 2013

Event 3: "How to Engage and Organize Parents at School" --Date: March/April 2013

PON Members

African American Parent/Community Coalition for Educational Equity (AAP/CCEE)

Alliance for a Better Community (ABC)

Asian Pacific American Legal Center (APALC)

CD Tech ParentLink: United Families for Social Change

Central American Resource Center (CARECEN)

Centro de Educación del Pueblo

Community Asset Development Re-defining Education (CADRE)

Los Angeles Education Partnership (LAEP)

Los Angeles Urban League (LAUL)

Lynwood Save our Students (SOS)

Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund

Padres Activos de SFV

Parents for Unity (PFU)

Parent Pioneers

Tongan Community Service Center

Watts/Century Latino Organization (WCLO)

The Parent School Partnership would like to thank the following sponsors:

The California Community Foundation, Bank of America, JP Morgan (formerly WaMu), Marguerite Casey Foundation, BP, United Way of Greater LA, Sempra Energy, Comcast, Sodexo, Polk Bros Foundation, Toyota, Kroger, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

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