Partnership Opportunities

MALDEF is the premier law firm and advocacy group for the Latino community in the United States. We welcome ideas for collaboration and partnership from any individuals and organizations who share our goals.  Our network of advocates provide an unrivaled level of exposure and publicity in the Latino community.  If you want to improve life for the 50 million Latinos living in the United States, there is no better way forward than a strategic partnership or a sponsorship agreement with MALDEF.


We encourage individuals, corporations, foundations and organizations to consider sponsoring one of MALDEF's special events throughout the year. Sponsorships provide the opportunity for increased recognition and direct involvement with MALDEF and the community it serves.

Please contact our Development Department for more information on all sponsorship opportunities at (213) 629-2512 or send us a message.

MALDEF Regional Award Galas

MALDEF hosts the annual Latino State of the Union policy roundtable and four annual regional awards galas in Los Angeles, CA; Washington, DC; Chicago, IL; and San Antonio, TX. The purpose of the awards galas is to highlight MALDEF’s commitment and dedicated service to the community and recognize individuals, corporations, and law firms who have been instrumental in advancing justice for Latinos.

MALDEF hosts annual dinner gala celebrations across the nation, honoring the community, corporate and legal champions who advance the Latino community. There are sponsorship opportunities of various levels at these elegant award dinners.

The Latino State of the Union is an annual policy roundtable on the upcoming legislative and civil rights issues facing the Latino community. There are various levels of sponsorship opportunities available.

Strategic Partnerships

As the Latino population in America grows and expands, MALDEF’s ability to serve as the “law firm for the Latino community” is increasingly dependent upon strategic partnerships with law firms and other institutions in the legal community.

A mutually beneficial program that enables attorneys at law firms to enhance their professional credentials, the National Law Firm Partnership Program allows MALDEF to expand its litigation capacity and develop meaningful relationships with firms that support its mission and have a strong commitment to the Latino community.

An innovative program bridging the worlds of private and public interest law for young attorneys, the Fried Frank Fellowship offers recent graduates the opportunity to spend two years developing litigation skills at Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson LLP before joining MALDEF for another two years, with the possibility of returning to the law firm or remaining at MALDEF at the conclusion of the fellowship.

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